At the Adolescent and Family Institute of Colorado, Inc., our treatment program for teens embodies a dual diagnostic approach: mental health, substance abuse/drug rehabilitation, mood /emotional, behavioral and family adjustment problems are the focus of care. We are a specialized treatment facility with residential inpatient, residential, partial care, intensive outpatient, and aftercare outpatient levels of care. We believe that if a young person is having problems coping with his or her life situation, it is the entire family's problem. Our unique, carefully conceived program addresses this emphasis.

About the Institute...

The Institute is now over 27 years old and continues to embody the purpose, goals, and activities of a family therapy oriented program. With a history that extends back to the pioneering development of an intensive adolescent treatment program requiring active parental participation, the Institute combines a bio-psychosocial approach with an interest in the nature and process of family system evolution. The Institute is nationally accredited and represents a unique blend of clinical, medical, educational experiences and therapeutic heritage. It is augmented by staff growth opportunities which emphasize openness and sharing of clinical experience exemplified by group learning, teamwork and live supervision.

Over 2,000 adolescents have been recipients of our care. We have worked with their families; some being predominantly nurturing, others being  fearful, angry, confused, embarrassed or in denial. We have assisted and supported their efforts to respect and to encourage their adolescent experiencing success and separation.

The Institute subscribes to a systemic orientation. Our therapeutic energy is directed to interventions in the here-and-now to enable parental figures to deal more completely with their troubled adolescent.

To our adolescent clients and family members, we remain committed.

To our dedicated and talented staff, we are grateful.

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